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Buy Bamboo Straws

“It is estimated that nearly 500 million disposable plastic straws are tossed into landfill sites every year. This can not continue. Switch to bamboo straws. Reuse them and give the planet a gift with every sip.


Inspired by the necessity for change. General attitudes towards plastics has begun a positive motion towards bamboo straws and revolting against plastic. Social media campaigns have arisen, leading to hashtags such as #nosucking or #thelaststraw.

We at The Container Solution say: #BambooStraws! #Thecontainersolution and #Strawdvertising! 

Plastic has become a serious global problem that is choking the life from our oceans and waterways. It’s up to businesses and individuals alike to do their part. Start thinking about what products they are using. We can help your business reduce single use plastics and enable you to be the driving force of change. Based in the US, importing the bamboo from Vietnam, we specialize in bulk bamboo straws for wholesale and custom laser engraving. We don’t work with distributors, instead we source the raw materials from local farmers. This ensures that our pricing is always competitive. 


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Our bamboo straws are cultivated and harvested in Vietnam. They are sanded and polished, then laser etched to order. Once complete they are boxed up and shipped to the United States. You can preview your custom order on the straws, before placing your order, by uploading your logo or company name or designing your own straw in a variety of fonts. Once your order is received, please allow us 10-15 business days to deliver.


By purchasing our Laser etched bamboo straws, not only will you be doing your part to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment, you will provide a novelty item for all of your guests, colleagues or family members. Leave a lasting mark on memorable days such as weddings, graduations, or promotion parties. But most of all, tell the world you care enough to use a biodegradable, sustainable, environmentally friendly product, rather than single use plastic items.